The 10 Most Popular BBS Door Games of All Time

Remember the days when the Internet was a distant dream, and the term “online gaming” meant something entirely different? It was an era where Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) reigned supreme, offering a unique breed of multiplayer text-based adventures known as door games. In this nostalgic journey, we revisit the 10 most popular BBS door games of all time that captured the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide.

1. Tradewars 2002

Genre: Space Trading and Combat

Tradewars 2002 – Loading Screen on Arcadia BBS

Tradewars 2002 is a timeless classic that transports players into the depths of space. As a trader or pirate, you navigate the galaxy, trading goods and battling foes. With a vast universe to explore, strategic gameplay, and player-versus-player interactions, Tradewars 2002 remains an iconic title in BBS gaming history. Arcadia BBS is one of the few BBS Systems running the last native BBS version of this iconic game, which we accomplished by running our system under Linux. See our Blog Post on how to configure and get this amazing game running on your system.

2. Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD)

Genre: Fantasy RPG

Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) – Classic BBS Doorgame

LORD is an enduring favorite that immerses players in a medieval fantasy world. You assume the role of a knight, embarking on quests, battling monsters, and vying for the title of the local champion. With its engaging storytelling and character progression, LORD has left an indelible mark on the BBS gaming community. Arcadia BBS features a registered version of this classic doorgame, along with LORD2 which was a great sequel to this game.

3. Barren Realms Elite (BRE)

Barren Realms Elite on Arcadia BBS
Barren Realms Elite Classic Doorgame on Arcadia BBS

Genre: Economic Strategy

A Bulletin Board System (BBS) is not complete without a copy of Barren Realms Elite in the Doorgames section. Barren Realms Elite takes players into a dystopian future where you build a corporate empire. Manage resources, engage in trade, and compete against other players in a cutthroat economic simulation. BRE’s depth and complexity make it a staple among BBS door games. Arcadia BBS features a registered version of this classic doorgame which can be purchased John Daily Software.

4. Global War

Genre: Geopolitical Strategy

In Global War, players take on the roles of world leaders, managing countries and competing on a global stage. Engage in diplomacy, espionage, and military conflicts in this geopolitical strategy game that challenges your decision-making skills.

5. Operation Overkill II

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Operation Overkill II thrusts players into a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with mutants and danger. Explore the desolate landscape, battle creatures, and scavenge for resources in this gripping adventure game.

6. Solar Realms Elite (SRE)

Genre: Space Strategy and Combat

Solar Realms Elite on Arcadia BBS

Solar Realms Elite allows players to command starships in a complex universe. Engage in interstellar warfare, form alliances, and conquer the cosmos in this space strategy game. SRE’s strategic depth and player-driven interactions made it a fan favorite. I’m not going to lie, this is one of my all-time favorites (along with Tradewars 2002). Sadly this game has a Y2K bug that makes it very challenging to get running on a modern system. Arcadia BBS is proud to have a registered version of the game, however, because it doesn’t support multimode configurations it is only available to one caller at a time.

7. Falcon’s Eye

Genre: Text-Based RPG

Falcon’s Eye Classic BBS Doorgame on Arcadia BBS

Falcon’s Eye invites players to embark on epic quests, vanquish foes, and earn fame and fortune. This text-based RPG captures the essence of classic role-playing games, offering an immersive world filled with adventures. Arcadia BBS is currently running a registered version of this Classic Doorgame, which is now developed and maintained by John Daily Software.

8. Land of Devastation (LoD)

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Strategy

Land of Devastation drops players into a world ravaged by nuclear war. Build and lead a survivor community, face hostile factions, and reclaim the wasteland. LoD combines strategy, resource management, and tactical combat.

9. Exitilus

Genre: Fantasy RPG

Exitilus is a richly detailed RPG with a captivating storyline. Explore dungeons, solve puzzles, and uncover the mysteries of the magical world. This game’s depth and storytelling set it apart in the BBS gaming landscape.

10. Falcon’s Honor

Genre: Medieval Adventure

Falcons Honor BBS Doorgame on Arcadia BBS

Falcon’s Honor is a medieval adventure where players undertake noble quests, defend their honor, and engage in chivalrous combat. The game’s immersive medieval setting and role-playing elements make it a cherished BBS classic. Arcadia BBS is currently running a registered version of Falcon’s Honor, which can still be purchased for your BBS system from John Daily Software.

While the golden era of BBS door games may have passed, their legacy endures through the passion of the BBS community and the dedicated sysops who keep these games alive. Whether you’re revisiting these classics or discovering them for the first time, these 10 iconic door games offer a glimpse into the rich history of online gaming. So, dust off your virtual armor and embark on a nostalgic adventure through the digital realms of BBS door games!