Server Upgrades

I’ve been working on upgrading my network. I installed a new network cabinet today and added all my servers to it. I’ve moved most of my VMs that run my home network to a newer HP DL380 which freed up most of the resources on the DELL Poweredge R710 for the BBS.

Server Cabinet

Here are some fun facts about Arcadia BBS:

  • Internet Connection 300 Mbps
  • Host Operating System is Windows Server 2016 Datacenter
  • Runs on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in a Hyper-V VM
    • VM has 4 Virtual Processors
    • VM has 8 GB dedicated RAM
    • Fixed-Size / 85 GB VHDX File
  • Runs on a Dell PowerEdge R710 Server
  • Newsgroups server runs on a Windows Server 2016 VM
  • All doors (Including Tradewars) are running under Linux
  • I have a second Windows 2016 Server configured for Hyper-V Replication
    • The BBS would be live on the backup server within minutes of failing.

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