I have added the popular door game Usurper to the BBS today, hop in and give it a try at telnet://

Usurper allows you to play as a lonewolf adventurer/warrior who seeks to gain only for yourself and care little for anything else. You can also form teams in which you and your comrades fight for each other. In either case, you should always concentrate your efforts on the dungeons. It’s in these huge cave areas that your fortune can be made or your life end… There are over one hundred dungeons stretching from the top of the huge mountain, down to its deepest level. It may be said at once that no creature has ever returned from the deeper levels. The ancient legends say that on Durunghins bottom there is a “thing” so powerful that the destiny of the world can be altered with it. But the legends also say that the guardians of this “thing” go beyond everything your worst nightmares can bring forth… Well, no one has ever reached beyond the magic 90th level–you might be the first. You can take your team with you to the dungeons. It is almost always better to have more than one to face those monsters.

Completing the final challenge at the bottom of the huge mountain will reward you with immortalization in the chronicles. Your name will live forever.

It is important to note that in the dungeons, many strange creatures lurk around. Some will eventually approach you and offer different things. Your response will ultimately lead to either riches or to death…

If you don’t fancy strolling down the dungeons, you can do other things. You can visit the Dormitory, where many of the characters take their rest. You can kick them out of their beds and challenge them for a fight, or perhaps try to murder them while they sleep…

You will always have opponents in this game, not just the monsters you challenge in the dungeons, but also computer-controlled characters. These guys are not always nice. Some will try to slain you just for the hell of it! The dungeon monsters, on the other hand, are always there waiting for you.